14 Tippmann A5 Upgrades

14 Tippmann A5 Upgrades That Are Game Changers

Whether you have been playing with the best paintball guns for some good years or you have recently taken up this new hobby, there’ll come a period when you feel the urge to upgrade….and just finding the best paintballs won’t cut it.

In fact, one of the main reasons why the Tippmann A5 is so popular is that it can be upgraded to work for different conditions and game types. We compiled in this article a diverse list of the Tippmann A5 mods.

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The Best Tippmann A5 Upgrades

Best Seller
Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit – Basic & Tactica (Tan Basic)
Editor Choice
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty (Matte Olive)
Best Budget
Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Red)
Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit - Basic & Tactica (Tan Basic)
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty (Matte Olive)
Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Red)
Best Seller
Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit – Basic & Tactica (Tan Basic)
Tippmann Cronus Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit - Basic & Tactica (Tan Basic)
Editor Choice
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty (Matte Olive)
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker with Extended Warranty (Matte Olive)
Best Budget
Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Red)
Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit (Victor) (Red)

The durability of this gun has encouraged many sports enthusiasts to invest in Tippmann a5 accessories. With a vast selection of upgrades, surely your skill, as you advance your gear is advanced as well.

It is a plaint thing to do to change the performance and look of a paintball gun by adding a couple of parts to it. Some of these changes don’t require a lot of work to the gun internally.

The Tippmann A5 is very pliable to accessories and upgrades. The market is full of those. Don’t let this abundance deflect you from what you really need.

Response Triggers

This is one of the most practical a5 paintball gun upgrades that users rush to get their hands on. It allows your gun to be in the full-auto mode, using only air, no batteries.

This system boosts your firing power when on the field. Every time the gun is fired, more air goes into the trigger frame, kicking the trigger forward. This system allows for shooting up to 15 balls per second.

With the flow control, you can adjust the speed of firing. You can speed it up or slow it down. When using it you have to feel the trigger’s sweet spot and the gun will keep firing until you release your finger.

Custom Stocks

Another advantageous addition for your Tippmann A5 is a bespoke stock. The accuracy and stability of this plastic or metal gear are taken into consideration. By lessening the recoil and rebound, they do this.

You will feel that your Tippmann A5 is significantly lighter in weight by using the shoulder as additional support. Stocks are made of a variety of materials and shapes.

Since their purpose is to absorb and stabilize, whatever material you choose will be strong. This upgrade also includes the option for collapsibility.

Some of the stocks available in the market are adjustable in length and allow for folding to one side of your gun. In addition to the previous features, stocks also come in different shapes.

You can find stocks that resemble those of AR-15 stocks. There are simpler styles such as skeleton stocks. If you want your custom Tippmann A5 to look more realistic, you can go for wooden or retractable stocks.

The Barrels

When it comes to the Tippmann A5 barrels, the options are unlimited. With different types of Tippmann A5 upgrade kits available in the market, each serves a certain purpose. The sniper barrel gives you accuracy when shooting for long distances.

The length of the barrel can go up to 16 inches. While improving the accuracy, this upgrade minimizes the noise as well. Another type of barrels available is the flatline barrel with a built-in foregrip.

This barrel greatly improves accuracy without the need to arch the shot. This type also comes with a built-in grip. The flatline barrel works by shooting the ball with a “topspin” in it.

This allows the ball to travel a lot more than the regular barrel would allow. However, some players don’t prefer this type of barrel because it’s not as accurate as the other barrels.

In addition, this barrel increases the ball’s tendency to break. While all the barrels help improve the accuracy, some of the advanced designs available simulate the military look, are self-cleaning, and can endure any weather conditions.

For professional players, for example, they often work on long distances and high obstacles. In this case, the sniper barrel is the most suitable. For less experienced players, a sniper barrel won’t be of much use.

If you decide that it’s time to invest in a new barrel, it’s important that you talk with the retailer about your skill level, your needs, and your budget.


The Cyclone Feed Bottom Plate

The bottom plate allows users to clearly view their paintball guns’ internal parts, such as the cyclone. This gear facilitates the cleaning and the lubrication of the cyclone feed system.

This bottom plate replacement is an easy install, drop-in plate. Since it’s made of high impact plastic, it’s highly durable. Although you might consider this upgrade a minor addition, it makes a huge difference in how you monitor and operate your paintball gun.

The Cyclone Feed Housing Kit

Next on our most revolutionizing upgrades for the Tippmann A5 is the cyclone feed housing kit. This is designed to replace the regular stock housing. Being transparent, this small plastic container allows users to track their paintballs. It lets you know if you’re running low on paint or if one of the paintballs is broken inside the loader.

Just like the bottom plate, this piece is usually made of high compact transparent materials to make them extremely durable.

The E-grips

This essential upgrade comes with 3 firing modes:

● Semi-auto fire
● Full-auto fire
● The 3-shot bursts

You toggle between these 3 modes through a switcher found on the side of the grip. In addition to those 3 modes, there is a fourth option on the switch for safety. Using this upgrade you can fire up to 20 paintballs per second.

To install it you first need to uninstall the default grip that comes with the gun and it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is remove the pins attaching the grip to the gun and then using a wrench you disconnect the airline.

Now you have the entire grip removed from the gun. You then install the e-grip by connecting the airline and the 2 pins. This e-grip, as the name suggests, operates on batteries.

It’s easily installed on the back of the grip. Use a small screwdriver to push the power button. A green light means the gun is ready to fire.


The Fat Hose Kit

The output of the loader can be increased most simply by doing this. Your loader will operate more effectively at low pressure after this upgrade. The cyclone feed can be fed with more air, which speeds up operation.

This faster operation eventually leads to faster loading. Included In the kit are 2 stainless steel fittings, which makes the product more durable and protects it from oxidation.

The Gun Tags

Not all the a5 Tippmann upgrades are concerned with the performance of the paintball gun. Some of them play around the design and the outlook. One of the most popular accessories is the gun tags. Some of the retailers already have some tags with cool text or icons.

Other vendors offer you the option to customize your own. They ask you for the paintball gun type, your desired font, your text, and your desired logo or icon. This customizable option works perfectly as a gift too!

Performance Grease Set

Any paintball gun can’t survive without lubrication. All guns need to be constantly lubricated otherwise they crack. When your gun cracks this will lead to leakage, less accuracy, and other performance issues.

The best grease for your pistol has been developed by many manufacturers using various formulas and mixes. Make sure it is completely non-flammable and neither too thick nor thin when selecting one.

Aluminum Ratchet Upgrade Kit

This highly recommended upgrade comes as a replacement to the already-installed plastic ratchet. Anyone who has been using Tippmann A5 for a long time knows that after a while the ratchet eventually wears out.

The aluminum ratchet is a stronger, wear-resistant alternative. The kit includes a new ratchet and a new screw. To install it you’ll have to take the cyclone off the gun, remove all the screws, and the paddles.

Remove the bottom side of the cyclone and there you’ll find the old ratchet. Pull out the ratchet assembly to get a better hold of the old ratchet. With some screwdriver and wrench work, you will easily replace the ratchet.

Put everything back in place and now you’re ready for your next battle!


The Hoppers

When it comes to this upgrade, the options are somehow limited. This is because the Tippmann A5 has a very unique cyclone feed system. However, the options available are still worth considering.

The main reason anyone upgrades for a better hopper is the desire to not refill the hopper every now and then. Most of the hoppers out there can hold up to 200 paintballs.

To install a new hopper, you will just drop it in and rotate on top of the loader. Some hoppers available in the market are so advanced that they expand to take up to 450 paintballs.

The better ones allow for easy cleaning since you can dismantle the front part of it. As you will see for yourself, new hoppers, especially ones with cool designs, are capable of changing the gun’s look tremendously.

The Aluminum Bolts

This tiny but super important piece of equipment is created to maximize your gun’s performance. It replaces the plastic bolt found inside your gun. It’s more durable and seals better on the power tubes, allowing for better consistency when shooting.

The surface of the new bolt is aluminum-polished, so it slides nice and smoothly. To install it, you have to remove the feed neck, the front fore-grip, and all the screws to open the gun.

After releasing all the pieces you will need to take out the old bolt. The easiest way to do so is by trying to loosen up the connection between the valve and the hose.

You then carefully lift up the power tube along with the bolt. Replace the old bolt with the new one and put everything back.

The Offset Sight Mount Kit

Finding the best Red dot sight can really level-up your game quickly. This mount overcomes the problem of trying to have a sight mount that is not obstructed by the hopper. This accessory allows you to move the rail over to the side of the gun.

The new rail is supposed to sit on top of the gun. Move it forward and backward to decide on your desired location. Then, use the screws and the feet that come with the rail to fix the rail in its place so it won’t move around.

Now, if you’re going to mount something on the gun it will be at 45 degrees, and it won’t be blocked by the hopper.

The Drop Forward Adapter

A drop forward is a mount for the air tank on your Tippmann A5. It helps with balance and stability. A drop forward adapter is a tiny piece of equipment that you can use on your gun to allow the usage of a drop forward. It’s simple to install, you just drop it in.


These are some of the most well-liked and practical upgrades for the Tippmann A5 paintball gun. With these add-ons, your equipment will become a machine resembling that of the military.

Not all of these upgrades are related to performance, some of them are purely related to the appearance, such as the grips and the gun tags. These are very personalized and need-based items. Also make sure you check out our guide for the best paintball gear or the best paintballs.

The circumstance calls for additional upgrades. They are not as frequently utilized. One of those is a stock that can collapse. Only when playing inside or inside a building do you need a collapsible stock.

The best way to decide on your upgrade is to consult an expert or an experienced player. Ask the retailer for the best brand and the multi-purposed alternatives available.

With these diverse options, you have to think carefully before you invest in them, and ask yourself if you should get a certain item or look for something more useful.

So, choose wisely and get ready to step up your game and conquer the battlefield!


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