10 Best Airsoft Goggles

The reason airsoft and milsim, in general, is fun is because you can live to fight another day. Safety is the key reason for that. As a result, getting the best helmet and the best googles are paramount to your play. Before you even think about getting the best airsoft gun (or the best paintball gun) you need to get your goggles and helmet squared away.

Lancer Tactical Full Seal

You’re undoubtedly looking for a full view of the battlefield as possible and the lines of the tactical full seal provide just that they’re made from a polycarbonate lens attached to a polyurethane frame and the padded inserts invents in show comfort and insulation. They’re a nice value for the price and they’ll fit over something. Prescription glasses, however, the foam around the edges is bulky.

Sekishun-cho Tactical Glasses

While not technically goggles, the Sekishun-cho Tactical Glasses are a fantastic, budget option, that helps keep you safe, at an affordable cost and they come with interchangeable black transparent and yellow lenses that are durable and offer UV 400 protection. The frame is lined with soft foam for comfort and this selection includes a six month warranty.

Pyramex Highlander Plus

These goggles feature an extended sun shield that protectsthe eyes from impacts and pellets and the vented foam carriage preventsfogging. Fully adjustable elastic strap provides a secure fit and releasesgreatly. These will easily withstand direct BB heads and uncomfortable to wear.However they don’t always keep dust out.

Valken Sierra

Thee goggles offer excellent resistance to cold and heat and are designed to ensure anti fall protection and extreme weather conditions. They form a strong facial seal and while by film or lens holds up to countless BB impacts these accountable and lightweight and provide a good peripheral field of view, but the small events can allow fogging.

XAegis Airsoft Goggles

These are a low price choice that can fit children and smalleradults best and they seal and pad the eye area effectively. The scratchresistant panel features a moderate tint and blocks more than 99% of harmful UVrays. These are easy for kids to put on and sales benefit wounded veterans,however they can be tied on larger heads off.

ESS Turbofan

The high end ESS Turbofan helps prevent fogging via a two setting battery powered fan and incorporated into the large profile mask that is water resistant and that thick 2.8 millimeter iron panel offers maximum impact protection. These can hold prescription insets and replacement lenses are available but the price is extremely high. This is more of a pro option…not necessarily for the weekend warrior.

Revision Military Desert Locust

The Revision Military Desert Locust features substantialventilation with air pockets at the top and a wide brim for an ample field ofvision. They come equipped with a non-removable lens cover that has to bewrapped behind the strap during play. Their eight color options and theadjustable strap fits anyone. These performed well in severe temperatures.

Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set

A great beginner option (on a budget), these come with a rounded lens that affords a wide view and the pellets bounce right off multiple holes along the frame. Ensure strong air circulation and included as a handy microfiber pouch for storage and cleaning air equipped with comfortable padding and asleep Lee designed. They hide your eyes from opponents well.

Valken Zulu Googles

The TPU frame of the Valken Zulu’s offers excellent resistance to cold and heat and that designed to deliver anti funk protection in extreme weather conditions. They provide a tight facial seal while the thermal lens holds up to countless impacts. These are comfortable and lightweight and provide a good peripheral field of vision. They exceed ANSI safety standards

Pyramex I-Force

The Pyramex I-Force feature scratch resistant lenses thatprovide 99% UV protection and prevent fogging on the inside. They form a strongseal and hold up against countless shots with no cracks and minimal scrapes.These come in at a low price with an interchangeable strap and temples andvents to keep your face call.

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